The pursuit of good neighbourliness with local residents and the local community is a very important point of attention for us. We make every effort to inform everyone about our activities and to deal with their questions & complaints as quickly and effectively as possible.

We do this in various ways: via the Buurtnieuws (Neighbourhood News) magazine, with a telephone number and an e-mail address that people can use to contact us immediately; with the organization of periodic company visits; through direct contact with local residents, etc.

We also gladly support local initiatives and/or charities in the region. For example, we support the Christmas Run every year in Poperinge; we have donated computers to the local school in Nieuwkerke; we supported initiatives in Komen-Waasten, such as the Course du Souvenir or OpenMusic ASBL

Do you have a question, a complaint, or would you like to report something to us?

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By subscribing to this News Alert, we can keep you informed about news regarding Clarebout that is useful or interesting for your municipal area. For example, the reporting of maintenance work; an open-door day for local residents; explanation of an incident; etc. We will only send this e-mail if we deem it necessary (certainly not spam!)

Info for local residents

24 March buurtdag in Waasten


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