Private label

Clarebout is one of the largest private label players worldwide with regards to frozen fries. We have extensive expertise and more than 30 years of experience in supervising companies from the retail, catering and food industries in the development of a unique brand identity (product specifications, product positioning and much more).

Fully customized to the customer’s requirements

A fry is not just any old fry to us. All our products are developed, produced, packaged and stored fully customized to our customers’ needs. Long fries, curled fries, fries covered with herbs, or other special coatings? The possibilities are endless. We already have more than 200 product types that vary in terms of taste, colour, size, baking time, coating and shape, amongst others. Our R&D department is extremely important in order to be able to offer even more added value. Experiments and testing are conducted every day to further improve the quality of our products and to develop new creations.

Export worldwide

We can also offer you customized solutions for export. Our products are exported to more than 120 countries worldwide. We have one of the most efficient and flexible logistic systems that enable customers to come and collect their products at any time of the day and get back on the road within the hour.

Trade shows where we would like to meet you

We look forward to welcome you at our stand so that we can meet one another, get acquainted and discuss how we can help you.
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