What do we do

We are one of the most important producers of frozen potato products for private labels in the world. We work very closely with our customers in order to achieve this. We would like to understand their needs perfectly and respond appropriately. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction by working in a flexible, innovative and customer-oriented way.

The family business guarantees short and open communication lines, quick decisions and compliance with agreements concluded. We are strongly export-oriented and distribute our products to more than 120 countries worldwide. Our customers can be categorized in mainly 4 segments: foodservice, retail, food industry and restaurant chains.

Who are we

Clarebout originated from the activities of the original potato company of the Clarebout family. This company was active in the sorting and trading of fresh potatoes. The main activity of the family business was changed in 1988 to the processing of these fresh potatoes into various frozen potato products.

We have 2 ultramodern production units and various potato storage facilities in Belgium. The main office and a first production unit are located in Nieuwkerke; a 2nd production unit is located in Waasten. The storage facilities are, amongst others, located in Frameries, Komen, Diksmuide, etc.

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Clarebout Potatoes
  • Nieuwkerke
  • Heirweg 26
  • 8950 Nieuwkerke
  • +32 57 44 69 01
CL Warneton
  • Waasten
  • Chaussée de Lille 61
  • 7784 Waasten
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Clarebout is a dynamic family business that is determined to contribute to a sustainable world. Our focus on customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with our concern for the future.

We strive for a safe and high-quality workplace for our employees. We would like to build lasting relationships with local residents and the local community. We ask everyone to behave ethically and to respect people and the environment throughout the entire supply chain. Our production processes are focused on rational energy and water consumption and on the reuse of natural energy sources and raw materials. We produce frozen potato products that go via our customers to consumers all over the world. This consequently makes quality, safety and traceability a top priority.

Our production process

Supply of potatoes

Our cultivators supply potatoes every day. This is done directly at one of our production units or at our storage facilities. Our own trucks transport the potatoes from these storage facilities to the factory. The potatoes are checked for quality and size upon arrival.

De-stoning & washing

The potatoes are separated from the stones - metal is removed - and washed under running water. The small and large potatoes pass through sieves and are separated according to size.


Peeling the potato is the next phase. This is done by means of steam in a steaming vat. Due to the pressure difference, the skin comes loose, the rest is brushed off. The skins collected serve as animal feed and are collected by parties active in the animal feed sector.

Sorting and cutting

The potatoes are inspected for tubers with defects and foreign objects via optical sorting and then via manual inspection. The potatoes are subsequently sorted and cut, using hydro cutters. Powerful pumps send the potatoes through the hydro cutters at a great speed

Sorting, blanching and drying

After cutting, the pieces that are too small are sorted via meshes and removed from the production line. High-technological optical sensors detect the imperfect pieces (for example, with black dots). The removed pieces serve as raw material for the flakes.

Blanching occurs in a hot water tank with steam injection. This process aims to inactivate the enzymes and to leach/remove the sugars. The products are subsequently dried in a stream of warm, dry air in the drying section. This process is important to limit fat absorption and to increase crispness.

Baking, cooling and freezing

The fresh products are then pre-fried in vegetable oil. This occurs, depending on the type of fries, between 165 and 175 degrees. The frying time takes an average of 30 to 90 seconds. The fries are cooled in the freezer tunnel afterwards. It consists of three parts: two pre-coolers and a freezer section. They are cooled down to 0° in the pre-coolers in order to prevent them from sticking to one another after frying. They are then frozen (-16°) in the freezer section.


After freezing, the final product undergoes a thorough quality check: length, defect, colour, dry matter texture, … The client’s proposed requirements are also tested.

The products are then weighed and passed through a metal detector. This occurs fully automatically. The packaging of the products in bags and boxes is also done fully automatically. Everything perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements. All packages are provided with the necessary codes to ensure flawless traceability.

Storage, loading and unloading

The boxes are transported via conveyor belts to robots that automatically stack the boxes of fries on a pallet and wrap them with stretch wrapping. The pallets are then transported to one of our logistics centres (Komen or Waasten). They are fully automatic warehouses where it is permanently -20°. The oxygen percentage is reduced because of fire safety.

The products are then dispersed from Waasten to all over the world. Clarebout has one of the most efficient and flexible logistics systems. Customers can collect their products at any time and be on their way to their destination within the hour. Unparalleled!

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