Business ethics

Clarebout gives high priority to ethical behaviour. We embrace our responsibility to society, our staff and our customers by conducting our business with honesty and integrity, by cultivating a positive work environment, by promoting the safety and health of our staff, and by communicating in a transparent and accurate manner.

An internal reporting system is in place to foster open and honest communication. If you have any concerns or questions or you would like to report irregularities, violations or malpractices such as potential fraud, corruption or bullying you can contact Clarebout 24/7, both via email ( and by phone (+32 (0)57 45 20 19).

You can also use the SpeakUp platform if you wish to raise one of these topics anonymously.

Via SpeakUp you can call or email questions anonymously. Following encryption the questions are routed via the platform to the person responsible at Clarebout and an anonymous reply is sent back.

Consult SpeakUp by phone 0800 89 326 or via the link using access code 106436.