The entire production process - from the supply of the potatoes to the departure of the finished products from our production units - is subject to the strictest quality standards. Based on a well-developed traceability system, all information for all primary raw materials (potatoes, oil, foil, etc.) can be tracked from supplier to customer. Moreover, for each packaged product it can be verified which primary raw materials were used, as well as when and how it was produced.

Our own quality service is constantly busy in order to guarantee the best quality of our products. The quality team conducts a daily tour of the production sites to closely monitor everything and give advice, where necessary, and controls the production in the various phases of the production process.

The Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) regularly carries out inspections at companies to guarantee food safety. As a food company, we are therefore constantly monitored and we regularly receive control visitations from this agency.